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About bestofcrick

This website is created with the motive to provide its users with good quality information. You will get information related to cricket, technology and entertainment. I will give my 100% in providing correct information to it’s users.

If you have any queries or problem related to the content on this site then please contact us to resolve your queries.

About the author

I Uttam Simepuruskar, the owner of bestofcrick.com had a passion to work online and this website is the result of it. As a college going kid, I always read about people earning a healthy income online and found various ways to do so. But, it is not easy as it seems. It takes a lot of hard work and determination. There is a huge scope working on Internet and I am trying to explore the ways I can do it.

One lesson that anyone who is working or wants to work online should know is that one should focus on providing quality content rather than only going the money way. I made this mistake on my first few attempts and failed miserably. I am still pretty new to blogging and trying to provide good quality content to the reader’s.