Top 10 unknown facts about Sunny Leone i bet you don’t know

Top surprising unknown facts about Sunny Leone that you wont believe are real.

Sunny Leone needs no introduction as the most of the people around the world know her very well. She has millions of fans all around the world. In last few years Sunny has been making her way in the top searched female celebrity lists of Google and Yahoo in India. She is a packet full of beauty and talent.But, there are some interesting facts about Sunny Leone that many people are not aware off.

Before entering Bollywood Sunny used to act in adult movies and also featured in the top 12 list of popular porn stars in 2010. Sunny was her and Leone was added to her name by Bob Guccione, former owner of Penthouse magazine as a brand name for adult industry. She featured in the 2011 season of Big Boss series, making it her first appearance on the Indian television. She has been the host of MTV Splitsvilla from past couple of seasons. So, you should be excited to see what are the facts about Sunny Leone. Here I have listed out them for you.

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So, read to know the top unknown facts about Sunny Leone I bet you didn’t know.

unknown facts about Sunny Leone

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1. Her first job was at a German bakery at the age of 15 to get some cash for pocket money for her daily needs. She has also worked in a tax and retirement firm.

2. She was very hesitant and scared in moving to India as she got many hate mails from Indian communities in the US but as the time passed everything was fine. People have now accepted that there is nothing wrong in anyone’s profession.

3. Her first choice of career was to be a paediatric nurse and was studying medical science before moving into the adult industry.

4. Her original birth name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra and not Sunny Leone.

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5. Her favourite Bollywood actor is Aamir Khan since her childhood after watching the movie “Dil”.

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6. Her original Bollywood debut film was supposed to be Kalyug in 2005 but, Director Mohit Suri was not happy with her demand of one million dollar which at that time was quite high.

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7. She was earlier engaged to Matt Erikson but now she is married to Daniel Weber.

8. She has a phobia of all types of insects and bugs and cannot tolerate them near her at any cost.

9. She has an association where she is working for raising funds for cancer patients. This indeed is one of the least known fact about Sunny.

10. She is not a party person and likes to spend time reading. Strange but, it is true.

So, these were the top 10 unknown facts about Sunny Leone. Comment below which one was the most surprising for you.

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