Top 5 unique records of MS Dhoni that are unlikely to be broken

Top 5 unique records of MS Dhoni that are very unlikely to be broken

MS Dhoni needs no introduction. He is one of the best players who have played international cricket and the best finisher in the limited overs format. He is a great team man and has done great things to Indian Cricket. Captain cool is brilliant in tough situations with the bat and his calm head can disturb the minds of most of the bowlers. His wicket-keeping skills are known by all he is one of the best in this department. Mahi has achieved many milestones in his career and some are very special and unique. Here I have listed out the top 5 unique records of MS Dhoni which are very unlikely to be broken.

He has given a new direction to Indian cricket and has played a big role in re-building the team when the big names retired. Dhoni is loved by by millions of people all around the world. Everyone who has played or worked with him only has good things to say about him. MS has done a lot for his country and holds some rarest records in cricket.

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1. Most sixes in International cricket as captain

Mahi entered the world of cricket as a hard hitting batsman and impressed one and all with his stroke play. His 6 hitting abilities have decreased in the recent times but he used to destroy the bowlers right from the start of the innings in his earlier days. He has 204 sixes in 331 matches when he has been the captain of the team. It is expected that this record will not be broken anytime soon.

2. Most stumpings in International Cricket

MS has the most number of stumpings in International cricket and looking at the current scenario it will be difficult for anyone to break this record as most teams are changing players every now and then and are having separate players for different formats of the game. He has 168 stumpings to his name. There is hardly any keeper who is as quick as MS Dhoni behind the stumps. His skills behind the stumps will be remembered for a very long time.

3. Highest number of overs bowled by any wicket-keeper in international cricket

People are very well aware of his wicket-keeping skills and his hard hitting abilities. He has a calm head and reads the game well. His captaincy record is one of the best in the world. Along with all these things he has bowled 22 overs in International cricket and has 1 wicket registered to his name. He bowls medium pacers and also has good control on his bowling. So he is an example of perfect all-rounder in the game of cricket.

4. Most matches as caption wicket-keeper in International cricket

Mahi’s first major achievement the T20 World cup in 2007 and rest is all history. He was handed over this tough job in his very early days of cricketing career. Dhoni was the caption of the Indian cricket team for a very long time. He has lead the team for 331 matches and no other wicket-keeper has done this so far. This record is going to stay with him for a long time as currently there are no contenders chasing this record of MS Dhoni.

5. First and the only captain to win all 3 major ICC trophies

He has won the ICC T20 World cup in 2007 where he lead a young team to the glory. His decision to give inexperienced Jogindar Sharma the last over turned out to be a master-stroke and India won the final beating Pakistan. Then came the ICC World cup in 2011. India has to wait for 28 long years to win their second World champions title and Dhoni was the man who did it again with his cool head. His knock in the final against Sri Lanka will always is one of the best that he has played. And the ICC Champions trophy in 2013 was the third major ICC Trophy that he made his own. No other captain has been able to do this so far. It will be tough for any new generation captain to do achieve this feat.
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